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How To Get 1 Year Loans With A Credit Score Of 550 Or Less?

How To Get 1 Year Loans With A Credit Score Of 550 Or Less?

If you have bad credit that doesn’t mean you are also bad, and you are deprived of all financial benefits to enjoy living. No one knows about situations of others especially when it comes to credit scores to apply for a loan with a bad one. It is given first priority as it exposes your financial status to take advantage of other loans.

For car loans as well as employment, people generally avoid keeping bad credit score because they know this very well. At the time of disaster of any kind, their maintained score will help them to come out.

With good credit score considering you have been the regular payer and you don’t have any default while paying off your loans. According to the FICO, a credit score below 550 is not given importance at all for any type of loan for a long duration. But you can still attempt applying for a loan with those lenders, who can understand your concern.

1 year loans

They can offer you several options to access 1 year loans with the score you have with you in a couple of minutes. Without even destructing your score in the process, but considering your source of income so that you can pay the loan back. Here are a few tips to qualify for a loan with a bad credit score:

Get loans with adverse score

When you are looking for a loan of 1 year carrying a bad score, then you will have some limited options available. And you must be very cautious about paying high-interest rates even you can think of collateral to be submitted if you have a fewer score.

#1.Pay attention to your score

If your score seems very less, then you must keep your eyes on it and take some stringent steps to revamp it. And it is also possible to convert it into a good one by giving some time to it so that you can hope to take advantage of benefits. Bad credit score can make you pay interest rates more than you have expected, but there will be more chance of your approval for the loan. And you will be able to approach more money providers as well.

#2.Involve a cosigner

It is one of the times when someone in your relation comes forward to take charge of your loan. When you will not be able to pay it off, you need to seek such lenders who accept co-signers. And you can use their good score for the loan approval. Because their good value will end the influence of your bad value to move ahead. It is a good step to avoid fork when you have to go through them traversing with safety.

#3.Approach your family members for loans

It is a good move to approach your family members. Because your bad score will not have any bad impact loaning from them or any of your close friend. And this will be hassle-free credit checking where you don’t need to evade of checking. Along with this, there will be a term of paying it back within the stipulated time.

#4.Ask your lender to think once again

If you are continuously being rejected for the loan, then you must have some good reasons to ask your lender for reconsidering your loan approval. There must be certain factors to make them believe that you are good at some financial points to be approved for the loan. Such as there is no default at paying your monthly rent and there is more possibility to a job with a wonderful income.

Based on these factors, you can ask the money lender to change his mindset for your loan approval. It may also be possible that you are earning a wonderful income and it can be affordable for you.

Personal loans for credit score under 550

As it seems difficult to look forward to a personal loan when having a credit score under 550 is there. It also seems strenuous step to get the approval. Besides, there is a possibility of your loan approval with those lenders who are in your contact, which means you must have kept a relation with them earlier.

Yes, you will have to pay high-interest rates, but you will be approved. If you are enough capable to improve your score, this will be a golden chance by paying little more to improve your score. Here you are required a stable and good income to go through.


It is possible to apply for 1 year loans with bad credit score of 550 even worse, but there are certain guidelines to be followed. With the score of 550, you will be approved for the loan, but you will have to pay interest charges.

These charges can make your score good if you take it into consideration of paying them a bit more. Later on, you can access to more benefits as your financial growth is getting better day by day because you are determined to apply for this loan with high-interest charges.

Andrew Parks

Andrew Parks is a freelancer and he has gathered knowledge and experience in the real estate field. He has written a few articles for our websites to spread awareness about how financial exploitation becomes hazardous if not serious. He enjoys researching and writing articles so others can learn what he has learnt.
Andrew Parks