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Host Halloween Epic Haunted Party – For Less – 1 Year Loans

1 Year Loans – But when adults get some spooky fun? Halloween parties can be the most exciting part of planning, just because other holidays are not the norm! Food, beverage, theme and decoration can all be varied! But after paying for the cost on other Halloween, then the finances may be tight! Here are some great tips and tricks for hosting Halloween parties with epic hauntings!

Select your dates carefully:

The first and most important way to save money on your party is to choose a party date with caution! Unless, on October 31st, Saturday, you will have more opportunities than not to host a Halloween night party. So, no matter which date matches the day, please choose a Friday or Saturday night after Halloween. The reason for this is quite simple: All Halloween related items go on sale for the next super day! You can go to a Halloween party shop or a general store selling Halloween theme items and almost anything will sell more than 50%! It’s like Boxing Day for Halloween!

Food ideas:

Unlike the two neighbors on Thanksgiving, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, food choices for Halloween are varied and open for creativity! And the great thing about creative options is opening the door to economical ideas! The first thing to note is that you do not have to plan a sit down dinner. You do not even need full food service. Halloween is perfect for simple but fun food options.

Finger Snacks:

A quick search on Pinterest for “Cheap Halloween Food” produces lots of fun and creative (and CHEAP) options for the foods you can serve. Foods such as: cool cuts with cherry tomatoes wrapped to look like with fingers. Hot dogs with small pieces and tomato sauce are similar to bloody and pork-in-a-blankets with a mummy-like puff pastry. Company A. Not expensive and cute for Halloween!


Again, Pinterest is where to do a quick search. One simple and awesome option is to grab some coins, keep in the shape of a ghost or pumpkin, paint some food, to color your icing and make your favorite sugar cookies. These can be made in advance and frozen for easier organization. There are also great tutorials on how to make these lovely brown pumpkin desserts (cute!).


The perfect Halloween punch is one of my favorite things! There are several ways to change a regular punch into one. spook-a-licious! One way to decorate your Halloween drink is to add a “cut off” hand to your favorite punch formula! You can buy plastic gloves (disinfectant) from the store, deposit frozen water in it overnight and then add it to your flea bowl. Another cute idea is to drink “red” (such as a universal vodka or cranberry) with some crushed black buns. The color combination of black and red makes it look creepy.

Decorated with Tuk Tuk:

What truly sets the Halloween party apart and transforms it into an epic event of a year is decorated! Your Halloween party is just a group of adults who only wear stupid costumes, but now put those silly adults in a haunted house style space and your party will be bright! So what can be done for decoration when money is tight?


Your best friend is at the dollar store! First of all, be sure to grab as many cheap spider webs as you possibly can! Spider web spread in your furniture and desk is the simplest and cheapest way to turn any area into a horrible place. Make sure that some fiber ropes from your ceiling to your walls – really adds a dramatic effect!

Black Sheets:

Another easy option is to cover your furniture with black sheets. If you do not own any black sheets, ask around to inquire if you can borrow some. It creates the perfect “dark” look, and if you add some of the cobwebs mentioned above, it also adds a haunted old feel.


As mentioned above, the best way to save money is to make sure Halloween sales go away the next day after Halloween! You can catch some awesome decorations at these Halloween pop shops who want to liquidate all of their inventory. Some accessories that go far are things such as candelabras, wall hangings and outdoor items. Avoid spending too much on serving plates and bowls – Themed finger foods will cover them up and no one will even notice that they are themed in the first place.

Halloween is the funniest job of the year. And planning an epic party does not have to cost an arm and a leg. One key tip is to keep track of our Facebook and Instagram pages, as we will be hosting an impressive Halloween contest shortly. NFC this week is our contest to be associated with the largest Amazon gift card of the year! So stay tuned for such amazing awards to help make the holiday budget a reality! @ www.1yearloansforbadcredit.com